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Chihuahua Dog : Appearance, Temperament and Lifespan

Chihuahua dog is a toy sized companion dog. This breed is considered as the smallest breed of dogs. Originated in Mexico, Chihuahua is said to have been existing for over 1400 years prior to the arrival of first Europeans. The name of the breed is derived from the Mexican state of Chihuahua as this dog breed was found there in old ruins near Casas Grandes in 1850. Also called as New Yorker by Mexicans, Chihuahuas come in various sizes, head shapes, colors, etc. These dogs have terrier-like temperament and better lifespan compared to other dog breeds.

Chihuahua has long body, but short height. Generally, Chihuahuas can be categorized into two types depending on their heads namely ‘apple head’ Chihuahuas or ‘deer head’ Chihuahuas. The ‘apple head’ Chihuahuas boast short nose and rounded head that look like an apple, while the ‘deer head’ Chihuahuas have long nose and elongated head compared to ‘apple head’ Chihuahuas.

As per the British and American standards, a Chihuahua must weigh less than 6 pounds to be officially recognized as Chihuahua breed of dog. However, the Chihuahuas brought as pets are allowed to become overweight and they may even weigh above 10 pounds. It is to be noted that overfeeding the Chihuahua can be dangerous for its health. Chihuahuas are normally 6 inches to 10 inches tall, except for few that grow 12 inches to 15 inches tall.

According to American and United Kingdom’s Kennel Clubs, there are two varieties of Chihuahuas namely long-coat and smooth-coat or short-haired. The long haired Chihuahuas appear fluffy and are soft to touch. Despite long hair, these Chihuahuas require less grooming and no trimming.
Some of the common colors of Chihuahua include fawn, red, cream, chocolate, white and black. However, Chihuahuas have virtually any color combination such as solid, marked, splashed, etc.


Chihuahuas are very loyal to their one particular owner and may tend to become over protective at times. They do not get along well with other dog breeds. Thus, they are generally unsuitable for families with small children at home. They love their dens and will be often found in places that are deep dark. They are agile, brave and adventurous. They enjoy affection and are extremely loyal breed.

They have good lifespan compared to other dog breeds. They can live for 10 to 18 years. They require less exercise.

All these traits of the Chihuahua dog make it one of the great city dogs. This breed is really cute and lovely, but it is short tempered. Thus, they must be bought by those who don’t have small children at home for better safety of the children.

Chihuahua Dog Breeds
Chihuahua Dog Breed

Chihuahua Dog
Chihuahua Dog


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